Titu Nedelcia Barlan, manager in professional sports

Подготовка резюме и сопроводительного письма, Сопровождение при поиске работы, Подготовка к собеседованию

My name is Titu Nedelcia Barlan. I am from Spain and I came to Moscow five months ago with my wife. She is working for the cultural branch of the Embassy of Spain. I was very excited about starting a new life in Moscow, although I did not know the language, and I felt really happy to move with my family here. I knew it would be a little bit difficult at the beginning, but I was very confident about it.

My wife and I will be able to live here for many years. This is why I am so willing to start working here in Moscow. We started learning Russian at the Instituto Cervantes in Moscow and it was my teacher of Russian language who told me, without any shadow of doubt, “Why don’t you go to Anastasia Drobysheva? She is very professional and she will help you. You should try it.” And so I did. It was my first step in seeking a job in Moscow.

When I went, Anastasia first listened to me and immediately told me what I should do: first of all, to translate all my resumes from Spanish into Russian and into English. Secondly, to write cover letters according to the different employees that I would like to hire me, having into account my field(s) of experience, Sports and Administration. She gave me some specific information about seeking for a job in Moscow, about the kind of companies I should address and how to address them; about the situation in my field(s) of experience. I should say that it was very easy for me to talk to her, to let her know what I was looking for.

When I got home, I had in my computer the English and Russian resumes, the cover letters and four pages with names and contacts of the companies I should address in a short/ medium term. I felt safe, confident and I started sending my resume. I am very happy and I very thankful to Anastasia.